Sunday, March 23, 2008

Andrea's Family Photos


Gabby and I went through and sorted, and even scanned some photos from my early childhood and other pictures my mom keeps in a box.

These are just a couple of the gems I now finally have copies of:

Off to the Honeymoon

Andrea, Diego, and Gabby on Diego's First Birthday and baptism in Argentina

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Visit to Diego & Jennifer's Place

We were happy to finally go see Diego & Jennifer's condo, and it was way nice. And, boy, have the kids changed since we saw them last summer! Gavin says everything, and he likes the movie Cars, and Renzo likes to point and talk about things. He puckers, and drools, and does not sit still. He likes to do whatever his big brother is doing, even though Gavin doesn't always like that.

Our kids really enjoyed playing with their California cousins, and rolling down the grassy hill together. What a nice little family they've put together.

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Girlfriend Reunion

One of the many things we were able to do during our trip to Cali during Easter vacation was to get together with Andrea's old pals. We got together at Liz (Pajon) Williams' house in Downey, and a good time was had by all. Even the munchkins seemed to hit it off!

Middle Picture: Our girls, Emily and Amanda (Chris and Doug's kids - no resemblance whatsoever,) and Eli (pronounced El-ee) (Liz and el pobre eh-Steve's girl.)

Bottom Picture: Steve Williams, Doug Patterson, and me.

Because there were no other boys, our two boys kinda did their own thing. They really weren't that interested in painting their nails or watching Barbie movies in 3-D.
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More 50's Dance Pics

Here are some more shots from the Dance. Top we have Andrea with her girl gang, middle are two kids goin' steady, and bottom, Willie is singing Duke of Earl with some of the guys (that's the Claw on the right.)
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

YES Fair

Cochise County each year holds a Youth Engineering & Science Fair, and Wesley's science project was selected to compete. He received honorable mention (4th Place) amongst all the 6th graders, and also got some goodies (the $25 check is his fave, I think.)
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Willie's 37th

Here's Maddie with me lemon squares. Cake is so yeasteryear. And cake-ey.
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Preschool at the Park

We hold a twice a week preschool for Danielle and Carina. They painted these t-shirts with their thumbprints for the letter "T". She enjoys preschool, but can hardly wait to go to Kindergarten and take the bus with the big kids.
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

50s Dance Night

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Build a Bear

For her birthday present, Carina wanted to do 'Build-a Bear.' She chose her new little friend, Isabelle the Calico Cat.
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Isabelle is Born

The Cake

Here she is: Barbie Rapunzel Cake! Carina's 5th Birthday.
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Waiting for the guests

Four hours is a long time to wait.
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The Finer Things Club

Josie, Carina, and Emi are ready to for a refined afternoon of tea cakes and cocoa.
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Tea Time

Emi, Carina, Josie, and Kacie
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The rest of the gang

The whole family enjoyed Carina's party. She should do this more often! And I, of course, had way too much fun putting this whole thing on. Girls are fun.

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Warning: Viewer discretion advised

The following photo may not be suitable for all audiences.

Parental guidance is suggested.

Scroll down for photo.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Outdoor Fun

We have had amazing weather for the past week and a half. Maddie got out her skates and Carina her scooter and sit and bounce ball. They are so happy to be outdoors.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Willie and the boys went to a D-Backs vs. White Sox game. The boys enjoyed pizza, hot dogs, and snow cones. Yes, snow cones! Tucson temperature reached the mid 80's today. The D-Backs didn't do so great though. The score was 12-8.