Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring Concert "Turn up the Volume"

We attended Maddie's concert a couple of weeks ago and were impressed with the band. It's amazing to compare the band now to the band at the winter concert. Maddie is learning so much and loves band, her teachers, and the great friends she has made. Maddie's favorite piece was a medley of the best of Queen, which included "We will rock you," "We are the Champions," and "Another one bites the Dust." She is such a musical girl! Just like her dad! We love our sweet girl and are so proud of her!
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

School's Out!

Today was the kids last day of school. Hooray! Can you believe we are out so early? We did start early in August though. The kids had a terrific school year and now it's time for a little R&R.

What's in store for summer? Lots! The beach of course, waterpolo practices and games, Girls Camp, Boy Scout High Adventure, family camping trips, a Wilcox family reunion, hanging out with friends, picnics, being a little lazy, staying up late, and just having fun!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our musician

Monday night was John Muir Middle School's band picnic. They had a jumping castle, pizza, treats, and awards. Maddie and her buddy Abbie. Both are so talented. This is Maddie's second year in band. This year she was in Concert Band and she enjoyed every minute of it. (except when her teacher was out on maternity leave) Maddie is still enjoying the french horn and learning so much every day. Maddie received the "Director's Award" for always encouraging the class to press on, for keeping order, and always following through. We are so proud of Maddie!
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5th Grade Promotion

This week is pretty much dedicated to Zach. He's been so busy! This morning was promotion. Isn't he so handsome? Here he is with the Three Musketeers(that's what his teacher calls them) Zach, Braxton, and Hakob are always together. They emcourage each other and cheer each other on. They are such cute boys! The 5th graders sang some songs for us and some of the kids(essay winners) spoke to us. Hakob was one of those winners. I can hardly believe my little boy is a middle schooler now. Wow! Congrats Zach!
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Zach and Braxton took pics of each other. Granma came to share Zach's special day. Zachary and his teacher, Mrs. Almer.
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Arrow of Light

Last night Zachary received his "Arrow of Light." It is the highest award that a cub scout can earn. The Arrow of Light patch and the Religious Knot are the only patches that carry with them to their scout uniform. Zachary has had the most unbelievable scout leaders I have ever met. I am not joking. They are amazing! Zach has learned so much. A few weeks ago, they changed a tire on his leaders truck, they have built catapults, performed kitchen science experiements, drawn silhouttes, gone on hikes, built a bookshelf, and on and on. It was a very special night. Zachary and Ethan both received the awars and Braxton, Zach, And Ethan all bridged to 11-year old scouts. Hooray! Congratulations to all of them!
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5th Grade Field Day

Told you it's been busy for Zach. Yesterday was field day. The kids had a blast with all their activities. They had this awesome waterslide! Pizza, cookies, arts and crafts, handball, football, and just hanging out with friends. So fun!
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Miller Awards

Carina had a fabulous 2nd grade year. She is an amazing reader and quite the writer and poet. She also received an "Academic Achievement" award for having all "3's and 4's" on her report cards and the "Citizenship" award for being a great citizen and having all E's on her report cards. We are so proud of Carina!
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Zachary is having a super busy week. Zach has had an awesome 5th grade year. Some things were tough, like math and essays, but he did great! He worked hard and was rewarded with an "Academic Achievement" and "Citizenship" awards. He received all 3's and 4's and all E's in citizenship. What a cutie!
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Volunteer Recognition

Principal, PTA board, and other moms and dads

My friend Paulette and I

Carol and I
( I know you guys always hear about Marshall, Wesley's buddy. This is his mom. She is queen of volunteers)
Every year the school has a recognition breakfast for the school volunteers. Its mainly PTA and a bunch of other moms and dads who work in the classroom. I never go to it. This year I thought, I should really go. I am so glad I went. After the breakfast the entire school gathers in the quad for a flag assembly and all the volunteers are cheered on by the kids. It is so sweet! I loved being there and I enjoyed being with all those awesome moms who dedicate so much time to the school and to their kids. (way more time than I ever do)
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Miller Dance Festival

This is my favorite event at Miller every year. The entire school puts on a dance festival. The kids start practicing in March for it and every grade performs a different song. Carina performed "Jump, Jive, and Wail" and Zachary performed "Say Hey." I love to see all the kids do their little dance! They put on an amazing show!
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Monday, May 16, 2011

A little bit of History

Carina just went to the Natural History museum in LA with her class. I chaperoned of course. I have gone on so many fieldtrips this year. One of the perks and blessings of staying home. I love this place! The kids loved it and couldn't get enough! They have added so many new exhibits lately and the discovery center was so fun! Well, school's almost out. It's been a great 2nd grade year for CArina. She is a strong reader and a super creative writer and poet. Only two weeks left!
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Family Photos

The entire Wilcox family got together at Thanksgiving and took photos. We took a big one with everyone in it and we also took individual family photos. It's crazy because as I look at these I feel our kids already look older than they did here. It only took me 6 months to post these. Better late than never.
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Hooray Carina is 8!

Carina had a little party for her 8th birthday. It was a bird party. She got some fun gifts and enjoyed her time with her friends. They made bird feeders and hung them from our tree in the front yard. She especially loved her pillow pet from Grandma and of course more Littlest Pet Shop animals.

We are so excited for this special birthday. Soon Carina will be baptized!
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