Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday, July 10, 2014

More evidence

From the middle American state of Missouri, we find another piece of the puzzle for my good friend Paki Mataele

Wyoming wonders

Here is a pic of the scenery between Laramie and Cheyenne.  Really beautiful landscapes.

The night before we camped in Medicine Bow alongside an amazing river.

Thinking of our friends

In middle Missouri

Missouri local flavor

Self explanatory

Southeastern Missouri

A quaint farmhouse, beautiful and typical of the scenery in this part of the state.

Nicole's neurotic cat

'Kitty' is a very playful cat, albeit paranoid.  Watching him chase the laser pointer is a real treat.

Monday, May 5, 2014

2013 Blasters Concert at the Epic Lounge in Downey

We went and saw our long-time neighbors performing
live in their hometown.  The Blasters live a few doors from
me since I was 10 years old, but I never saw them until April 2013.

It was a fun concert, with some good bluesy rock and roll.
I have to say, as much as I enjoyed them, I had more fun
watching their warm-up act, the California Feetwarmers.

These guys play private parties and they play restaurants
and lounges here in LA on weekends.  Check 'em out:

Sunday, May 4, 2014

2013 Spring Camporee

Here are the Townsends, some of our campers at this semi-annual event.  

The rigors of leadership take a real toll (not to mention getting no
sleep thanks to rowdy scouts who talk all night does not help).

Rocio's Mole de los Dioses

I'm not normally a food photographer, but I'll take this opportunity
to plug an establishment which is worthy of the share.  Pictured above
is the Tri-Tip Mole, one of the several types available.

Andrea's meal was shrimp something or other, beautiful and delicious.
These pics were taken in April of 2013, and unfortunately the place is under
new management (Rocio, the chef, is no longer in the picture).

It's a shame; our last visit was not quite the same.  Nonetheless,
if you are interested in some pre-columbian Mexican food,
which is nothing like the traditional burrito/taco/enchilada-type stuff,
it's still a good restaurant with good value.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Easter Dinner 2013

The grown-up table, chatting after dinner

Norma and Jennifer (and Diego)

Mike and Jen

Beauty and the Beast

Carina in her spin dress

Carina posing with Alex

Paige must be ticklish

The March birthday blowers (Zach providing the long-distance assist)

Paige appears to still be hungry

Easter preparations 2013

Diego and Jennifer and Mike and Jen came over for Easter in 2013

Leading up to the vaunted Easter egg hunt, the kids hung out and goofed around

Some of the fare amidst the lovely settings put together by Andrea and company

More loveliness . . .

And more . . .

And alas, even more!  Isn't Carina pretty as a picture?

Renzo, with his special diet

And the two bounders, Gavino and Zach

Paige wants more food.  Strudel looks on, in her Easter best,
hoping that someone ( *cough* Paige ) might drop some food.

Two beauties

Alex found an egg; the egg didn't expect being found

The big kids playing with big toys

Wes and his digital addiction, drawing a crowd

Day hike to Henninger Flats March 2013

We started early on what was supposed to be a hot day.  And it's all uphill.

That brown layer . . . must be . . . chocolate air?

Zach and Christopher taking a break

Partway up the 3-mile climb, we all find welcome shade and and rest for our legs

We made it!  The rest of the way is downhill

Stopping for a photo op on a lovely nature trail,
although Chris appears to have a burr in his saddle

On the way back, the boys elected to add another 2 miles to the 6 we'd already hiked

We hiked up to Eaton Falls, and the water sure felt good

Isaias and Emmanuel, tempting fate, and documenting the feat

8 miles later, and ready to avail ourselves of an internal combustion machine

Anniversary Acrobatics March 2013

Carina and Daniela favored us with an amazing acrobatic show to commemorate our 19th wedding anniversary.

Right before we left to go out to dinner, Andrea and I had the pleasure of watching these aerialists amaze us with death-defying feats.

The navigated the high wire, went down the slide in every configuration imaginable,

swung high in the swing and jumped out at the apex, the spun on the high bar, and suspended upside-down  by their legs.

This was truly an anniversary to remember.