Friday, August 21, 2015

Guatemala Homecoming

Over a year ago, my parents returned from their 2-year mission to Guatemala.  As is the custom, a Sunday is chosen when returning missionaries are given time in Sacrament Meeting to 'report' on their mission experience and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Their homecoming address was only a few days after having returned, and my mother was not feeling well.  When it came down to it, she decided she could not make the meeting.  Because their reports constituted the entirety of the meeting, and because many friends and family had traveled to attend, they decided that the show must go on, unfortunately without Mom.  My sister Liz, in quick conference with my mother, put together some remarks and Liz went on to say a few remarks in her stead.

Three weeks later Mom was able to give her own report, and both addresses are posted here for your enjoyment.

Dad's 27 April 2014 Homecoming address:

Mom's 18 May 2015 Homecoming address: