Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tarta de Manzana Argentina

This was my favorite cake growing up. It is a mix between cake an a tart. I used to beg my mom to make it weekly. Well, she didn't make it weekly. You all know my mom is not into sweets. She focuses more on savory dishes. She always taught us to eat healthy and made everything from scratch. But on special occasion, we'd get this apple cake. It's amazing!
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2nd Congressional Congress

Isn't she adorable? Maddie is LOVING her history class. She is in an Honors History Class and the teacher is very hands on and has such great projects for the kids. A few weeks ago the kids had to dress up and participated in the continental congress. They each had parts to memorize and naturally, Maddie got into it! She is my little actress!
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Downey High Waterpolo

Wesley has had an amzing season! He has really grown to immensely love the sport. He has really developed his skills and endurance. The coaches work these kids so hard! Some days he is in the water 4-5 hours! I know, it's crazy! Wesley played both on JV and Frosh-Soph. He is becoming more aggressive in the water and has quite an arm. He has scored several goals and plays with a group of really great kids.

I have been so impressed with the program at Downey. They run a tight ship and the kids work so well together. They have such comraderie between them and it shows. Last week was their last game. Unfortunately, they lost, so they will not be heading to CIF. Varsity is doing well and qualified for CIF. The pictures are from the Downey/Warren game, which is the rival high school here in Downey. Warren plays very dirty and even punched one of our players. I was so impressed that our team stayed calm and stayed out of trouble. It was a fabulous victory for DHS that night. I don't usually scream at the games, but I almost lost my voice that night.
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Trunk or Treat

Posted by PicasaWe all had a great time at Trunk or Treat. Carina was such a beautiful peacock. Can you believe that's Zach? Scary! He was Darth Maul in case you're not a Star Wars fan. Maddie was Modest Princess Jasmine and you better guess what Wesley was. 

First Day of School

Aren't they cute? I love those two! Carina started third grade and Zach started 6th grade. I can hardly beielve he's in middle school! I forgot pictures of Maddie and Wes. There will be other pictures coming up soon.
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