Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2008 Christmas List

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Ride the Snake

Over the Lunch Counter . . .

. . . and in!

Somehow we all made it back.

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Raingutter Regatta

Zach participated in his first flag ceremony
Saluting the flag
Proud little Bobcat
Zach managed 2nd place in the Wolf division.

IKEA Tempe

Wesley stuck with us in IKEA, but only because he's ougrown the kiddie land. He was a big help, though, as we put the sofas through the paces.
Wesley had to take a photo of the IKEA chair tester. Fascinating.
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Tempestuous Skies

Driving down from the Huachucas last Saturday, the sunset mixed with the looming storm for quite a spectacular show. This photo is looking almost due North from Carr Peak Road.

Looking West while driving down the same road, the clouds covered the mountaintop giving the appearance of an erupting volcano.
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bad news for Willie

Dad to Carina: Will you always be my sweet dolly?

Carina: Yes.

Dad: Even after you´re married?

Carina: No. But I´ll still remember you.

ps: this is our 100th post!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Maddie's Masterpiece

I asked Maddie to get a picture of these flowers. Everywhere we went in Idaho and Wyoming, people had these unbelievable hanging pots. Maddie deserves recognition for this one. Way to go Maddie!
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Born to be Wild!

Friday morning Willie gave the kids rides on the dirt bikes. Carina later stated that it was one of the funest things she did. Aren't they both so cute?
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Chuckwagon Dinner

On our last night of our vacation, Grandma and Grandpa treated all of us to a special night that included a wagon ride, a cowboy dinner and entertainment. We were even visited by Indians. Some of the younger kids looked a little unsure about the visitors. It was all staged as if we were being assaulted during our wagon ride up to the dinner spot. Most of the kids loved it though. Everyone had a great time! Thanks for the fun night!
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She'll be Coming Round the Mountain

All of the cousins helped out with this song.
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wesley at Scout Camp

This week Wes is at Camp Lawton up top of Mt Lemmon. I was able to go up one night this week and be the 2nd leader for a bit. It was fun to see the boys having a good time. I took some pictures and posted them on a blog I created for their troop:

Have a look!

Blogging Maniac

After a one month hiatus, I am back and out of control. I have so much to catch up on. Summer has been very busy and continues to be. So far we have had swim lessons, big family vacation and family reunion, played with friends, had a huge 4th of July celebration, had an Indiana Jones Party for Zach and a sleepover for Wes.
This week Wes is at Scout Camp and next week I go to Girls Camp. Yeah! Next we have Zachary's baptism and three days after that school starts! Phew! Busy and crazy summer, but filled with fun!

Cedar Hills Creek

We visited Troy Crowfoot, Willie's boss during our BYU days. He lives in Cedar Hills, about ten minutes from the Timpanogos cave. This creek is literally down the street from his place. He lives in this little suburbia. It is so pretty and peaceful in this cute little neighborhood. I went jogging that morning on the creek path and was overwhelmed by the natural beauty of Utah. It also brings back so many happy memories of our lives here. Troy let us stay with him to help break up our 20 hour drive to the cabin. He's such a nice guy. His daughter Nicole is a sweetie too. Maddie asked me if we could move to Utah so she could be best friends with Nicole. So sweet!
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Wilcox Family Reunion

The reunion is made up of 26 Wilcoxes. Unfortunately, we are missing 5 of them, but almost everyone made it. We are staying in a great log cabin in Victor, Idaho. It is about 30 minutes from Jackson, Wyoming. It really is so beautiful up here. It's great to be here enjoying family and Heavenly Father's creations.
Here we are at the Grand Targhee Resort. It is so gorgeous. We went on a small hike, played in the snow and enjoyed the sights. Uncle Q and Carina really bonded.
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Hangin' at the Cabin

Everyone enjoyed hanging out, whether inside or out, the company and the view are all awesome!
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Teton River

Swimming was great fun. Freezing cold water (low 40's) but still fun!
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Fun in the Sun

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Cousin Time

It was so neat to see the cousins together. Everyone got along great and had someone their age to play and hang out with.
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Sightseeing in Jackson

This is one of the cutest towns we've ever visited. The downtown area is so fun, filled with great shops and restaurants. The backdrop is amazing. You can see Jackson hole behind the shops. I guess they aren't lacking elk or deer in this area. Yikes!
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