Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Her little Buddy

Just had to get these pics. Aren't they precious?
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Locks of Love

Maddie has been growing her hair out for almost two years so she can donate it. It was finally long enough and she was finally brave enough to go short. It was fun watching and taking pictures. She looks so cute and so grown up.
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wow! That's Cold!

(this collage is an experiment. Don't know how small it will appear)
We went on a 2.8 mile hike on Memorial Day to Hermit Falls. There are some pretty deep pools to jump into and swim in. I only jumped once. That was enough for me. The kids and Willie jumped and swam around while I took pictures. It was a super fun day! Even Strudel took a little dip. The hike was straight down and of course straight up back to the parking lot. The kids were all great hikers. It was fun jumping rocks and hiking through the lush forest valley.
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What a Cutie!

Memorial Day at Hermit Falls and Swimming hole. She's so brave! Carina was the first one in the freezing cold water!
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Help for layers

About one month ago I went and got my hair layered. I thought it turned out too mushroomish so I came home and layered the sides and back all by myself. I know, I'm crazy. For the past month I pretty much wear my hair in a pony. Why? Because I don't know what to do with it. I style it and it looks weird. It looks very Jennifer Anisten 1993. I'm sorry, but that wasn't the look I was going for people. It's 2010. Any suggestions. This is the 11:15 pm air dry look. I really should be in bed. Good nt!
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Easygoing Summer

Carina and Zach playing in their forts
These two are enjoying summer and just hanging out. They had an awesome school year filled with math facts, long division, California history, science projects, and lots of reading.

Zach was the peacebuilder for the month of February. He enjoyed soccer season of course and made several new friends. He is looking forward to cub scout day camp, boogie boarding, and our family vacation to Zion's National Park. He improved in many areas and had a really good report card.

Carina has become a reading machine. She is super fast at math facts, is a talented artist, and a great speller. She still loves Littlest Pet Shop and just made $7 at our yard sale. Yeah! More LPS she says! She looks forward to hanging out with friends, swimming, playing with her cousins, and going to the beach.

These two are buds. They get along so well. They are sleeping in their forts tonight. They always make me laugh and still enjoy cuddling. I love these sweet guys!
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Magnificient Madeline

Maddie has had a wonderful school year. She turned 12 this past April and graduated from primary. She is enjoying young women and loves hanging out with her friends. Maddie was a member of Scholarship Club this year and a member of Junior Honor Society. She is also in the GATE program and had tough really tough assignments and late nights. But she was a trooper! She has adjusted to middle school beautifully. Maddie is very musical and loves being in band. She took up the french horn and religiously hauled that heavy instrument home 3-4 days per week and practiced and practiced. We attended two concerts and saw major improvement in Maddie and the Beginning Winds Band. She had an amazing band teacher. Maddie just adores her and because of her influence plans on becoming a music teacher. It's either that or an astronomer.

Maddie received two band awards this year. She was chosen by her peers as "Most Helpful" and was awarded the special director's award by her teacher for "Always being helpful, a person she can always count on, and someone who can unite the band to get the job done." We are so proud of Maddie! She had an awesome 6th grade year.

This summer Maddie is looking forward to her first year of girls camp. She has been working so hard babysitting to pay for it. She is also planning to visit her aunt and uncle and help with their baby. We love you Maddie! Maddie has grown so much this past year, in stature and maturity. She is a sweet and kind girl and a wonderful friend to everyone.
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Simon's Cat 'Fly Guy'

Here is a new family favorite. Our family now meows as a means of communicating with one another.

8th Grade Promotion

*Wesley shaking hands with Dr. Hacking (principal)
*Wesley being recognized as straight "A" student
*Wes with Mom and Dad (yes, I had been crying) Even though he appears the same height as me, he is indeed taller. He is 5' 6". I was in heels.
 * Wes with his buddies.

Such neat milestones. It is so amazing to see our children learn, grow, and achieve. I am so grateful for my kids.I am so grateful for my family.

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8th Grade Awards Night

We are so proud of Wesley. Last week was a day filled with fieldtrips, parties, and awards banquets. Wesley was one of only 12 eighth graders out of over 500 to receive straight "A" s all three years. That means that he had straight A's in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. He pulled this off while being in GATE classes for the past two years. He also received a medal that he wore at promotion which represents CJSF (California Junior Scholarship Federation) which is only for kids with a 3.5 and above. He also must contribute service hours during the semester. He is a member of the National Junior Honor Society, Scholarship Club, and also became a Life Scout last week. Wesley also received the Presidential Award for outstanding academics. He got a pretty nice letter from Obama too. He enjoyed Golf Club and played city Basketball and also takes piano lessons. Wes has many goals for himself and he is working really hard. This summer he is looking forward to Water Polo, Scout Camp and EFY(Especially For Youth)  He is gonna be going up to BYU and staying in the dorms for a whole week with his BFF Marshall. They are pretty excited!
So, there's my bragging for the year about Wesley. But more than anything, we are so pleased with him because of the choices he is making. His choice in friends, activities, and hobbies. He is really developing into such a fine young man and we love him so much! We know Heavenly Father is also pleased when we make good choices and we pray that our children will always seek the Lord and listen to the spirit.
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Max and Ruby

Carina's class went on a fieldtrip to Caltech to watch the performance of "Max and Ruby." I was lucky enough to accompany 5 first grade classes. Here's Carina with some of her classmates. They are all so adorable. We ate lunch on the lawn under a shady tree and then went to the auditorium. They kids enjoyed the performance and of course the bus ride on the freeway too.
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2nd Place Winner

The Crew came in 2nd at the championship game. Zach was ok with it. He received a trophy and was pretty happy about it. He doesn't particularly enjoy having girls on the team because he says they don't try, but it was a good experience for him. He's crazy about soccer and can hardly wait to play at the middle school level. School's out and he's a 5th grader now. Big man on campus! I love this boy!
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