Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools

We have some pranksters in the house.

Thanks to Zach and some covert clock changing, we retired an hour early and were none the wiser. Andrea was a little panicked this morning when her phone told her that she and the kids were one hour late getting up!


Maddie wins the prize (although the day is not over yet) with the little gem picture below, calculated to greet us first thing in the morning.  She set up the same gag in both the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms.

Stay classy Maddie!

Spring has Sprung

Some shots of the flowers and trees in the yard

Our new dog

We didn't really get a new dog, but it sure looks like it.  Hyrum got a short schnauzer cut (please, nobody tell him that we really miss Strudel) and it was transformational.  One of the revelations is a skunk-like stripe down his back that we never could notice when his hair was long.

Most of us are fans of the new 'do, Hyrum included, it would seem.

Camping along the Snake

The McArthurs invited us to join them on an overnighter to the nearby Snake River Gorge.  We were a mile or so below Swan Falls Dam, and we enjoyed some gorgeous weather.

Everyone caught something: a couple of fish and too many rocks to count.

Gold Fork Hot Springs

On Friday we went to the Hot Springs in Donnely, near McCall.  Beautiful day.

Unfortunately, a hundred or so others had the same idea.  Despite the crowded scene, we had a nice time and saw some beautiful country.

Maddie and Carina inexplicably supporting the manchild Arnold, er, Zach

The happy couple

Drew's ballgame

I was able to watch my nephew Drew pitch a few innings last week.  One inning he retired the sides with only three batters and three Ks.  Nice work Drew.

Camelsback Park with Zach

I took Zach with me to lock up a project at day's end, and afterwards we stopped off at Camelsback Park in Boise's North End.  Its's a no-frills park with tennis courts, a grassy field, and sandbox/play structure, but what makes the park really neat is the hill that dominates it.

Camelsback Park is where the Boise foothills begin, and we hiked a short distance up to the summit where superb views abound. Each of us took some photos.

Overlooking downtown.

From the top looking down one of the safer ways to descend.

Zach's photo takes the cake.

Spring Break Wanderings

Andrea sent me this email:

We toured the Capitol building today and went to an old fashioned ice cream and soda shop.