Monday, September 20, 2010

FHE Journal Entry

Tonight for Family Home Evening, Andrea taught a lesson on journal-writing.  She suggested we make a journal entry about the scripture in Mosiah, chapter two, verse 17.

King Benjamin is delivering his address to the saints who have gathered to the temple to hear his words.  He says:

And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

I've always felt like service is so key to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It's what he did during his short ministry.  When I serve others, I feel good, and I'm helping someone who needs the help.  Both are edified.

I'm thankful for opportunities to serve.  The other week in church, during a lesson, our instructor was illustrating how key and how central home teaching is to the elders quorum.  Home teaching is really about service, but as we listed the other church-ey duties of the elders quorum, we listed other functions of the quorum, and of the priesthood in general: setting up chairs, helping people move.

In a related vein, I'm reminded of something I was taught by a member of our stake presidency in Provo.  He said that home teaching most closely resembles that which the Savior did during his earthly ministry.  I have a testimony that this is true, and that when we serve our fellow man, we serve our God.  We do the work he sent us to do; we do the things Jesus would do if he were here.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Furniture everywhere I go

The kids joke that I have eagle eyes for furniture on the side of the road. But can you explain this one? I found this at Carpenteria Beach last month. It looks like it could be the cover of an album. Don't you think? I have found some pretty cool things since moving to California.
Just in case you're wondering, I didn't bring it home.
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Pet Shop Paradise

Carina's latest habitat creation. The base is homemade playdough. The plants, trees, and bamboo fence are all from a bush in the front yard. The tarp is with dad's help. Check out the fire! Carina is always so creative. She has so much fun creating different habitats for her pet shops.
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First day of School

Carina the 2nd grader, Zachary the big 5th grader, and Maddie the 7th grader. I forgot to take Wesley's picture. I know, it's terrible. I got so caught up in this whole high school business and getting him there super early, that I forgot to snap a photo. I'll get a picture of him next week. He's got his first water polo match.
We've been in school three weeks now and things are going well. Everyone likes their teachers. The kids are all making new friends. Maddie has started up with the french horn again and seminary is in session. We are super busy and everyone is happy. Mom gets to do laundry and go on errands and dad is at work making it all possible.
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More fun Beachcombing

The crabs were huge and they were everywhere. Zach and Scott were fascinated by the tar, especially since we told them not to touch it, which they did of course.
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Chariots of Fire Cousins

There were other amazing things we got to experience as well. Lots of running and frolic, sea lions perched on the beach, and tar beach. Isn't this a cool bridge?
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Carpenteria Beach

For me, this was my favorite day of this whole summer. We visited the Lanes overnight at the beach house they rented. We woke up and went to the beach at 8 ish for low tide. It was so foggy and cool and misty when we got there. It felt wonderful! We walked to the tide pools and found tons of crabs and other sea life. The kids found so many interesting shellfish, rocks, and sticks, all sorts of things they wanted to bring home. Aunt Liz brought a picnic basket and we filled it to the brim. Is that legal? Oh well, it was amazing! Magical! The wind, the smell, the fog, the beauty of the ocean and all Heavenly Father has to offer for our enjoyment. I always feel of his hand in the creation when I am at the beach.
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The Annual Lake Webb Trip

Everyone really enjoyed themselves this year again. Grandpa always has the latest gadgets and this year's big hit was the three man. The kids loved it because they could be together and have fun with their cousins. Even Robin had fun. What a chunk!
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Patriarchs at Zion National Park

"There is an eloquence to their forms which stirs the imagination with a singular power and kindles in the mind ... a glowing response ... Nothing can exceed the wondrous beauty of Zion ... in the nobility and beauty of the sculptures there is no comparison."

-- Clarence E. Dutton

Weeping Rock and Court of the Patriarchs

On the last morning Willie and Maddie got up early and took off to a couple more sites. Weeping rock was refreshing and cool and the Patriarchs are immense! The three mountains are named Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
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Gorgeous everywhere we went. The kids were amazing! Such troopers! It was a very long and streneous hike and over 110 degrees by the time we finished. It's a 5.5 mile roundtrip hike.All we could think about was jumping in the river. We finally did after we got back to camp and it felt amazing!
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Refrigerator Canyon

I think this was my favorite area of this hike. Maybe because of the relief from the sun. Actually, it was because of the greenery found along the canyon. That greenery set against the red rock and the canyon carving its way through this mountain is simply spectacular. We found such cool formations and caves and coutouts. They were so fun to crawl into and relax.
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Only for the Bravest!

We had decided we would only take the kids to the lookout. Willie really wanted to go to the top, to Angel's Landing, but I wasn't budging. When we got to the lookout, I looked at all the people continuing the ascent of the last half mile and my boys giving me puppy dog eyes and I thought, "it doesn't look too dangerous. So I decided to let them go. I later regretted it and prayed for them several times. When they got back an hour later, Zach said, "That was the best hike Ive ever been on in my life." He was so excited and proud of himself and so was Wes. We gave them the talk before the hike and told them, "No funny business, this is a hike to take seriously. Follow directions, stay on the trail, etc." The tree boys loved it. As far as the girls go, well, we decided to stay behind and take a break and enjoy all the chipmunks and the panorama.

Willie said it was pretty amazing up there! What a view! Now it's time to head back. Hot!!!
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Zion's Hike

We never finished putting up our pictures of this day. On our way to Scout's Lookout we had some relief from the sun at Refrigerator Canyon. Walter's Wiggles is tha name of this insane ramp. Wow! Talk about workout! You can see me struggling there. Everywhere we turned the views were incredible!
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