Thursday, January 29, 2009

Homework Nightmares

Why is homework time such a nightmare? Is it just me, or do other people have problems with their kids getting their homework done? We haven't had cable for over a year and we don't play on the computer until Fridays and we aren't involved in any sports right now. Can anyone tell me why my kids are still up doing homework? Zach is in his room bawling because he can' t write cursive and Maddie is still trying to pack up her stuff and get my signature on stuff. Why do I need to sign so many things? The amount of paperwork makes me LOCA. The worst part is that I just lost it with my kids. After 8pm I want to be DONE! Wes has been home from school for two days with a high fever. I sure hope he's better tomorrow. The semester just started last week and I feel so bad that he is missing school already. Wes has lots of homework too, especially math. The worst part is that I have to wait for Willie to get home to help him because I don't remember algebra. Pathetic huh?

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been super busy the last few weeks. We are getting settled in our new home and the kids are adjusting to their new school. We all miss our friends and ward, but have felt very welcomed in our new ward. People have been so friendly and so excited to have us here. We are in a very small ward of about 80 or so who attend regularly. The primary is very small as well as the youth. Wes has already been on a scout campout on the beach. The nut even swam in the ocean in MID JANUARY!
Last week, Wes, Willie, and I spoke in sacrament meeting. I knew that was coming! I also got called to primary as the 5-6 year old primary teacher, so I will be Carina's teacher. She is pretty excited about that.
Maddie's and Zach's class are the biggest primary classes, so I am pretty happy. Zach thinks his primary teachers (married couple) are the coolest because they love video games and are planning on having the whole class over to their house next week to have a wii party and junk food and get to know each other. We had pack meeting this week and got to retire three flags. It was pretty neat. I'd never seen that before.
I've been busy at home unpacking and trying to decorate a little. Wes and I painted the dining room and it looks great. We are still working on removing the walpaper in the master and then we will paint.
After that I need to take the CA written drivers exam. Can't wait to start studying. Yuk!
Willie is doing well at his job and enjoying it especially since he gets to work with one of his oldest friends, Kurt. We've had some cold weather and some rain lately. Willie says the cemetery looks very green and beautiful.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Big Toe

Warning: This is a photo of Willie's injured toe. Not for the faint of heart.
It's disgusting, and I probably should have thought better of putting it up here anyway.
I mean, really, who puts a picture of their feet or toe online? Wierdo.

Boring story, playing basketball in running shoes. Stupid.

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Carina's Buddies

Seeing my sweetie with her buds makes me sad. She sure does miss those bounders. She's making some new friends, but wears her necklace faithfully!
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We haul

So, it turns out that all our junk didn't fit into one of these badboys. Time to get rid of some serious stuff.

Here's Brian and me, getting ready to make tha haul across the desert in our racecars. What a good friend!
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