Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Emma Awards

 The Young Women recently had Young Women in Excellence. This year the theme was "Emma Awards." The Girls were honored and praised for their accomplishments during 2012 for Personal Progress. Some girls received their medallions, others ribbons, and others are working on future goals for 2013. It was a night of formal gowns and glamour and much paparazzi (parents).
I am grateful for Maddie and her accomplishments this year, but mainly I am grateful for the young woman she is turniong into. Love you Maddie!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Las Vegas getaway


We got a great hotel deal and took the kids for a couple of days. We enjoyed the Bellagio waters, the Mirage volcano, swimming, eating, and the forum shops at Caesers. We also saw some very strange looking people and street performers. The spray paint artist was a favorite. Zach prefers to be behind the camera these days.
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Varsity Water Polo


 The Varsity team had a great season. They came out 21 and 6. They advanced to CIF but lost at the first round. Wesley made huge improvements this season and is as fit as can be. The kids have endured grueling practices starting in the summer. They swam 4 miles in jeans and t-shirts during hell week and burned over 10,000 calories per day during that week. Wes was even too tired to eat during those days which is virtually unheard of.. But the hard work paid off and they had an awesome season. They beat the rival high school Warren High for the 3rd straight year. Great job Vikings!
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Downey World Cup

Brazil versus Argentina. Our constant rivals: our next-door neighbors
The kids love to put on their jerseys and play soccer together. I  must admit, Argentina wins most the time.Posted by Picasa

Halloween Night

 The kids had a great time at the ward Halloween Party. Kinda blurry, but Zach's in the wig. He was a rock star. Carina was my darling 50's girl, complete with poodle skirt and red lipstick.
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Saturday, December 8, 2012


The lawnmower broke today while Zach was using it, and he despaired because the lawn was only half-mowed.  He was also in a hurry to go play with his buddies.

We  spent 45 minutes in the garage, and emerged with a 'peg leg' that may serve for years.

(special thanks to Wesley who supplied the aluminum stock needed for the repair)

Nice work Zach!