Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Photo Deprived

I'm feeling a bit deprived. We've had no camera for over a month. The kids are in swim lessons and today was parents day. I at least got to go sit and watch by their class, but couldn't take pics. There is hope! Last night we ordered a new camera and it should be here next week, just in time for Idaho. Phew!
The kids are doing awesome in swim lessons! Wes and Maddie would like to join the city summer swim team, but summer is pretty much all booked up. Maybe next year. Wes has a great breaststroke and freestyle and Maddie is more of a backstroker and is doing awesome flip turns. Zach is in a different level than the other two kids and is also doing fab! He has really improved his backstroke and today I worked with Zach at the country club pool, and we discovered he has a pretty strong butterfly stroke. Zach has such a strong upper body and I think if he works at it, the butterfly could be his strongest stroke.
Carina is learning to tread water and is learning all the strokes. She has a fun teacher who is a great motivator for the kids.


Jennifer said...

I miss you guys not having a camera too! What did you guys decide to go with? I am still trying to decide if we will even do swim lessons. It is still in the 60's here. Unless it warms up bigtime we are out....

RuSty and LaLa said...

Looks like you guys are ready for Hawaii. I think I might be able to find a few places for you to practice all those strokes.