Monday, April 6, 2009

General Conference

Saturday and Sunday we got to listen to General Conference. We always listen to conference at home on Saturday. We don't have BYU channel, so we just watch it over the internet. Sunday morning we always watch it at the church. I feel we get so much more out of it when we don't have all the distractions. I love to listen to the different stories and inspired talks. I love to listen to the Prophet. I feel the spirit so strongly when he speaks. We invited our neighbor to go with us and she came. She and her kids have been coming to primary for about 6 weeks and are really enjoying it. The kids love to come to primary and sing songs about Jesus and about families. I really love and appreciate her and her help with my primary class. She is a wonderful person.

I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and for the amazing blessings I receive every day from our Heavenly Father. I am truly overwhelmed by Heavenly Father's and Jesus' love for me. I love to share what I know with others because the gospel is what makes my life fulfilling and meaningful. I am so especially thankful at this time of year when we can remember that Jesus died for us and that He lives.

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GINA said...

Hey how's it going? How are you liking cali? Just happened to see your blog on someone elses. Hope you don't mind. Tell the fam we said hi!