Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hooray for the Garden

Our little experiment is turning out to be quite fun. This our first time using seeds for most of our veggies. The cucumber plant is taking over. We finally got a cage for our huge tomato plant and the cherry tomato plants are just gonna climb our lattice hopefully. We have three pea pods, but it has been struggling since the tomato plant has been covering it. The eggplant is finally growing too. The radishes were great, but so spicy. I don't think we'll do that again. The beets are a hit. Willie has been boiling them and slicing them up for the kids and they actually fight over them. WOW!
The onions are coming along slowly and we only got one carrot out of our 16 or so seeds. I did plant a seedling basil plant that has just taken off and I made pesto last week. Yum!
Carina shared her pinwheel that she got at a b-day party. Isn't it fun?
The whole family has been involved and we are learning at the same time. What a blessing that Heavenly Father has given us to be able to have all these yummy things to eat that come from the earth.
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Marni said...

We keep talking about starting a garden too. It alot of work! Your garden looks great... and the pinwheel is the perfect touch! ;)

MyKidsMom said...

Wow, I'm impressed! Looks like fun to eat. Wish I were closer, so I could steal some of that basil:)

RuSty and LaLa said...

I love reading your blog! I need to update mine. We just got back and have way too many things to post. I can't wait to see you guys, go to the beach, eat some of your veggies, and hug all over your family!