Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Day of School

Carina and Zach are all set for another great year.
And the sunflowers we planted are ready to fall over.

Andrea, Carina, and Zach are trying to walk to school more often.
It's only three blocks, and most mornings are gorgeous.

Carina's year so har has been interesting. She was initially in a 1st/2nd
Grade combo class, then it became 1st Grade only, and now we learn
that her teacher is expecting, and her replacement starts in December!
We are anticipating further developments . . .

Zach has settled right back in. His teacher this year 'doesn't yell.'
Which is a plus.

Not pictured:

Maddie started 6th Grade, and is making the adjustment to having several teachers. She has chosen to discontinue her flute-playing in favor of the French Horn. The instument is quite a bit larger, but she hauls it home each day with very little complaining. She's re-connecting with friends from last year, and has the added bonus of going to school this year with some girls from church who had been at another elementary school last year. Together at last . . .

Wesley is a big 8th-Grader, king of the heap. One of the perks: he has his locker in a primo location. He is being kept very busy, with lots of homework, even on weekends (or at least the two we've had so far.) He's managing without Marshall, who has promoted to 9th Grade.
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RuSty and LaLa said...

Its amazing how fast it goes by. I swear it was just me in the 8th grade. And these buys were just babies. I love the old pics of your kids. Its fun to see how they have changed.