Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lake Webb

The whole family went to Lake Webb this summer. Everyone had a blast! I have procrastinated this post long enough. I have so many great pictures that I didn't know which to put in, so I just kept putting it off.
These are some of my favorites.

We all got there on Friday night and had dinner there and camped. The next morning we launched the boat and the propeller broke. That put things back a bit. The kids hardly noticed anything was going on. The cousins were all so happy playing in the water.

After grandpa and Willie returned and fixed everything, the real fun began. Everyone tried skiing, some with much success, others without.

Later the boob tubes came out and all the kids could ride them, even the youngest cousins. They took turns and turns. Then the adults had some turns. It was awesome. I had a blast bouncing around the lake in those things. I even got up on the skiis. I was proud of myself because I wan't sure I could ski anymore.

We played and swam until dark. It was so fun to see everybody having such a great time.
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