Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Easygoing Summer

Carina and Zach playing in their forts
These two are enjoying summer and just hanging out. They had an awesome school year filled with math facts, long division, California history, science projects, and lots of reading.

Zach was the peacebuilder for the month of February. He enjoyed soccer season of course and made several new friends. He is looking forward to cub scout day camp, boogie boarding, and our family vacation to Zion's National Park. He improved in many areas and had a really good report card.

Carina has become a reading machine. She is super fast at math facts, is a talented artist, and a great speller. She still loves Littlest Pet Shop and just made $7 at our yard sale. Yeah! More LPS she says! She looks forward to hanging out with friends, swimming, playing with her cousins, and going to the beach.

These two are buds. They get along so well. They are sleeping in their forts tonight. They always make me laugh and still enjoy cuddling. I love these sweet guys!
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