Monday, November 1, 2010


Zaire is Maddie's bird. That crazy bird loves to hang out in the strangest places. Some of her favorites are the doll house, the top of the laptop, and also my kitchen window. She loves to look out the window at the trees. I'm sure she just wishes she could be there. About 30 minutes ago I came down to the family room to put away some costumes and when I turned around, there she was. I almost stepped on her. I have no idea how she got out of the cage, but she's a sneaky one. Good thing I grabbed her before Strudel did. Yikes! That would have been ugly!!!!
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sallie said...

I didn't know Maddie had a bird-How fun. Have you taught it to whistle? Can't wait to see you all! 2 weeks!

RuSty and LaLa said...

Ditto to Sallie! Way fun. I loved having our birds growing up. They loved grandpa the most they would start to get excited and chirp for no reason. Next thing we knew grandpa was walking through the door.

Jennifer said...

I am never doing the bird thing. The girls have been bugging me for years. We had an oppurtunity to bird sit for a month (same type of bird). It was aweful. Always a mess with the seeds and when ever we let it out it pooped all over the places. Who knows the places I haven't found to clean up. So cute that he likes the doll house and the kitchen window!