Thursday, January 29, 2009

Homework Nightmares

Why is homework time such a nightmare? Is it just me, or do other people have problems with their kids getting their homework done? We haven't had cable for over a year and we don't play on the computer until Fridays and we aren't involved in any sports right now. Can anyone tell me why my kids are still up doing homework? Zach is in his room bawling because he can' t write cursive and Maddie is still trying to pack up her stuff and get my signature on stuff. Why do I need to sign so many things? The amount of paperwork makes me LOCA. The worst part is that I just lost it with my kids. After 8pm I want to be DONE! Wes has been home from school for two days with a high fever. I sure hope he's better tomorrow. The semester just started last week and I feel so bad that he is missing school already. Wes has lots of homework too, especially math. The worst part is that I have to wait for Willie to get home to help him because I don't remember algebra. Pathetic huh?


RuSty and LaLa said...

Homework sucks...I know cause I give it out. Sorry. Algebra...who needs it?!

Jennifer said...

Don't let the kids read my post! I hate Homework and do you know we had a whole seminar in College while I was learning how to be a teacher that taught us there is NO correlation between homework and better grades. (with the exception of practing mathfacts) Unless my kids are working on somekind of project then I find myself being not so supportive of teachers homework. When Chase was in third grade and I was pregnant with Sara and soooo sick I even told his teacher during parent teacher conference that I didn't care and he could get a 0 on his homework grade. Fortunatly this year the kids both have teachers with a heart. They get very little homework. Practing spelling words and sometimes one math worksheet. That i can deal with. I mean when kids get home a 4:00 is it fair that they still are doing school work until 8:00. Don't kids need a childhood!!!!

The Bodily Family said...

So I hate homework too. But I thought the whole idea was to see if the kids understood what is being taught. If my daughter gets a failing grade on homework doesn't that mean the teacher needs to readdress that topic. I don't want my kids to get a bad grade in that subject because they had trouble on the homework. At least they are doing the homework. And don't give me the parent homework. I get so offended when they make me sign every piece of paper and return it. I shouldn't be given homework. I guess I have to say this though, teachers have a tough job and little pay. I wouldn't want to do it.