Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cut + Cut + Paste

As most of you may know, the operation described in the title of this post will result in the Pasting of the second thing Cut.

So what happens to the first thing that was cut? Gonzo.

The other night I was feeling like I should post a family update. Twenty five minutes later, I had put together an update I was pleased with, and went to post it. Only, I had typed it in an e-mail and needed instead to post it via Blogger.

No big whoop. I highlighted, and then cut the post, went to the appropriate window for a new post in Blogger, and pas . . . oh but wait . . . I've been meaning to change this other thing, uh-huh, that's what it should say . . . highlight . . . cut . . . paste . . . there, perfect . . . and now, back to what I was doing . . . Blogger, right . . . paste . . . *gasp* . . . my . . . up . . . date . . . ! It's Gone!

I . . . are . . . idiot.

For the next 20 minutes, I channeled my inner geek, hoping against hope that there is a way to salvage my lost post, hoping that windows keeps the last several clipboard items in some dark recess of the registry or something. No such luck.

Feeling sickened at having spent my motivation to post for naught, I used that last bit of energy I could muster to ensure this would never again happen to me. I sought, and found, a little program that does what windows should do already: keep old clips.

In an effort to redeem the horrible waste of an evening, I present my solution, that you too might never have the same sick feeling in your gut when you mis-cut or mis-paste:


Download and install the link that says: Latest stable version: ClipX for x86

It is easy to do, and only with your help can we make my loss into our victory.


The Bodily Family said...

I have done this to. Thanks for the site. You are now a cut activist. Saving one cut at a time. You're my hero!

Jennifer said...

My stomach churns for you. Thanks for going super hero...