Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Golf Craze

It all started out with us discovering that the golf course close to our house( it's a professional 18 hole course) also has a smaller course ( a 9 hole) that is free for kids under 17 on the weekdays. Wes and his buddy Marshall have been going once or twice a week for over a month now. I don't have pics of Wes because I just drop him off and it would be terribly embarrassing for his mom to be there snapping photos. This has been a big deal for Wes to do something without his parents. He LOVES golfing! He is getting pretty into it and wants to take lessons and be on the High school team in just over a year. Yikes! High School? Crazy!!

On Monday I took Maddie and Lizzy (Marshall's sister) and the girls had a blast. I was impressed to see that Maddie had the terminology down and knew what she was doing. I was their caddy and just followed along.
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RuSty and LaLa said...

Awesome. THey must be pretty good to have a personal caddy. That is really a fun activity to keep them busy. They have to play golf in this family. Rusty is not up to PAR....waka waka pun intended