Thursday, September 17, 2009

Christmas List 2009

Because some people have had trouble finding this or getting this or whatever, I'm posting it here:

... buys for ...

Liz Susanna

Andrea Sallie

Sallie Andrea

Jenny Liz

Shelly Jenny

Jen Shelly

Susanna Jen

Willie Rusty

Brent Ray

Ray Mike

David Q

Q David

Mike Brent

Rusty Willie

Andrew Hanalei

Scott Aiden

Claire Aubrey

Warren Garrett

Wes Warren

Maddie Scott

Zach Sara

Carina Claire

Aiden Kate

Aubrey Maddie

Chase Zach

Emily Andrew

Kate Alex

Sara Wes

Boyd Carina

Alex Emily

Garrett Chase

Hanalei Boyd

1 comment:

prRiggs said...

Whew! That's a lot of presents. Good idea, though!
It's so fun to see what your family is up to. Looks like you had a great summer and are enjoying school so far. I love the comments by your kids--hee, hee. It's also good to know that the fires didn't get too close to you. That has to be a little bit scary.