Thursday, April 22, 2010

Playing Video Games Helps Kids get Better Grades

Yes, that's right. That was the boys hypothesis for their Science Project. They wanted to prove that playing video games actually improve their grades. We read many articles, they played games and took tests before and after playing Mario Karts, they conducted a survey to ask for parents and kids opinions on the subject and they put together a fabulous project. They got an "A" and presented their findings orally to the class and to the rest of the 4th and fifth graders. There was no contest though. Here they just do it as an assignment. Darn! I think they would have done well. They had a great time with this of course, because they actuually got to play video games as homework. They learned lots and worked hard. And guess what? I'm glad it's over.
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Jennifer said...

That is so funny. Chase proved that playing video games was excersize a few years back. The things boys will try to get extra game time!