Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School

We are in our second week of school. We have done well with time every day so far. It's getting pretty busy already. Wesley started early morning seminary yesterday. It starts at 5:50 am. After that he has time to come home for 40 minutes. Then we are off to school. This year we have three schools to take kids to. I feel so grateful to have worked out a carpool for Maddie. One of the moms we carpooled with last year has volunteered to take Maddie and bring her home every day. How lucky is that? Now I only have the high school and elementary school to go to every morning. It helps tons!

Wes is gone until 6:30pm because of Waterpolo practice. He made the J.V. team and is pretty excited. He is loving high school and has great teachers. He says they are so different than middle school teachers. They are so cool with the kids. He comes home so wiped out from practice. He says all he thinks about is food and sleep.
I'll post some first day of school pics later today.

Maddie is enjoying 7th grade and most of her teachers. Her Algebra teacher is comparable to Mrs Savage(Downey High) Know what I mean? Luckily, there is Mrs. Snell, her band teacher whom she adores. Maddie is playing the french horn again this year and is praying her teacher comes back from maternity leave.

Zachary is in 5th grade and has the awesomest, most sought after teacher in the school. I am so grateful. I have been praying for this. Hopefully she will inspire him and help him to like Math and English and prepare him for middle school. Zach is happy to have some friends in his class.

Carina is in 2nd grade and has a male teacher who is the nicest and most soft spoken man. I've heard tons of great things about him and kids say "he never yells" Love it! She has many friends from last year and is enjoying playing with her friends in the playground.

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RuSty and LaLa said...

So Fun! School is such an awesome thing for kids. I am not trying to rush Hanalei into growing up. But its fun to think about her in school. I love your family! Everyone of you are so awesome! Glad your part of our big family!