Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arrow of Light

Last night Zachary received his "Arrow of Light." It is the highest award that a cub scout can earn. The Arrow of Light patch and the Religious Knot are the only patches that carry with them to their scout uniform. Zachary has had the most unbelievable scout leaders I have ever met. I am not joking. They are amazing! Zach has learned so much. A few weeks ago, they changed a tire on his leaders truck, they have built catapults, performed kitchen science experiements, drawn silhouttes, gone on hikes, built a bookshelf, and on and on. It was a very special night. Zachary and Ethan both received the awars and Braxton, Zach, And Ethan all bridged to 11-year old scouts. Hooray! Congratulations to all of them!
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