Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day hike to Henninger Flats March 2013

We started early on what was supposed to be a hot day.  And it's all uphill.

That brown layer . . . must be . . . chocolate air?

Zach and Christopher taking a break

Partway up the 3-mile climb, we all find welcome shade and and rest for our legs

We made it!  The rest of the way is downhill

Stopping for a photo op on a lovely nature trail,
although Chris appears to have a burr in his saddle

On the way back, the boys elected to add another 2 miles to the 6 we'd already hiked

We hiked up to Eaton Falls, and the water sure felt good

Isaias and Emmanuel, tempting fate, and documenting the feat

8 miles later, and ready to avail ourselves of an internal combustion machine

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