Sunday, April 6, 2014

Easter preparations 2013

Diego and Jennifer and Mike and Jen came over for Easter in 2013

Leading up to the vaunted Easter egg hunt, the kids hung out and goofed around

Some of the fare amidst the lovely settings put together by Andrea and company

More loveliness . . .

And more . . .

And alas, even more!  Isn't Carina pretty as a picture?

Renzo, with his special diet

And the two bounders, Gavino and Zach

Paige wants more food.  Strudel looks on, in her Easter best,
hoping that someone ( *cough* Paige ) might drop some food.

Two beauties

Alex found an egg; the egg didn't expect being found

The big kids playing with big toys

Wes and his digital addiction, drawing a crowd

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