Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy kids

The kids have been in school for one month now. Activities and sports have started and things are really busy! Wesley ran his first cross country meet today. He loved it! He said today that he is so glad he joined the team. His best friends are on the team and they are working hard and having a blast. He loves his coach, Mr. Quinn, who is also his P.E. teacher. Go Wildcats! Scouting and Mutual also keep Wes busy. He is having a great 7th grade year so far.
Carina continues to love Kindergarten. She has recently learned to play a couple of things on the piano and is teaching them to Kacie, her best friend. I babysit her after school for a couple of hours. She is a sweetie! Carina loves having her over every day.
Zachary is enjoying 3rd grade and is also enjoying running. He loves P.E. and is still obsessed with legos. They keep ending up in the laundry. AAARRGH!
Maddie is super busy girl. She just joined the school band and is a flutist. She has learned two notes and is excited to play them for me. They practice before school Mon, Wed, and Fri. She is also on the Robotics team again. The team is small this year. It is made up of 3 fifth graders and 3 fourth graders. The theme this year is "Climate Connections". Crotchet club and activity days also keep her very busy. She loves to be involved and hang out with her friends.
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Jennifer said...

So fun to read about all the fun things our cousins are doing. I'm sure Chase will jump for joy when he can be on the track team. Running is definitly his thing.