Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tunneling into a sand dune

Came across this unfortunate story that reminds me of the times in Pacific City when we tunneled into the dune.

Wellington boy killed in sand-tunnel collapse,5143,700260449,00.html

At the time I had visions of the possibility, and I think we even had a close call once, but what a tragedy!

Something to talk with the kids about . . .


Jennifer said...

yeah we don't do big holes and tunnels anymore, not since we nearly losy Q in an accident a few years back. Burried up to his mouth! It was really scary!

Q said...

Really, you were scared!!! Try being in the hole, when it's already collapsed, and still could more, but you have kids running toward the edge to get a better view! : )

You guys are lucky to still have me around, lol!