Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Young Women Iron Chef

Last Tuesday we held a healthy cooking Iron Chef contest at our house for our mutual activity. The girls had a blast. Tonight they were asking me when we could do it again. I divided them into two teams and set the timer to 30 minutes. They had full use of my kitchen and each team had to come up with a "Healthy" meal using the fresh ingredients they were given. The secret ingredient was "Salmon". The also had an angel fook cake dessert and that was judged on aesthetics. The girls came up with grat ideas and then the judges "Willie and I" gave them the results and we all sampled. So fun!
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Jennifer said...

Very fun Andrea. My Mom did this with her girls in mutual too. I was thinking of doing an Iron Chef theme for cooking club which will be held at my house in october. Special ingredient pumpkin...what do you think?

prRiggs said...

Thanks for the fun idea--I'm always looking for something for YW.