Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Spy

Carina absolutely loves I Spy books and has created several scenes of her own. Here is her latest creation "Wacky Victorian Dollhouse" She is really excited for her cousins and friends in Sierra Vista to do this.

Find the following : race car, puppy, shower brush, one die(not two or it would be dice), ribbon spool, tiny magazine, fishtank, bear rattle, peeking horse, cup with an umbrella, horse's tail, and a baby.

After you find everything, let Carina know how you liked it.
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Jennifer said...

Carina this game was great and really good. I loved it. I loved playing with it with my Mom. We tried really hard to get them all. I think the cup with the umbrella in it was the trickiest. I am going to try an I Spy game in my doll house!!!!

-race car is under the bed
-puppy is peeking around the toilet
-shower brush under chair
-die is under a table
-ribbon spool is on the floor in the baby's room
-magazine by the bed
-fish tank is on top of the closet
-bear rattle is next to the bathtub
-horse head is peeking out from behind the stairs
-cup with umbrella is ontop of the toilet we think
-horse tail is coming out from behind the stairs into the kitchen

RuSty and LaLa said...

Carina, my first graders that are in my class LOVE "I Spy". When we go to the library they always check out I Spy books. Very fun!