Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sick Kids

Are any of you feeling cabin fever because of your sick kiddos? Mine have been sick since we moved here. I have only had 4 days without sick kids at home since Christmas vacation. Sometimes I feel my kids aren't very good at sharing, but when it comes to sharing germs we are EXPERTS! I have washed coats, sheets, quilts, shoes, curtains, etc. When my mom was here a couple of weeks ago she went crazy with lysol and cleaning my house. I have been very frustrated about it for a while. I now am on hold with the pediatrician's office. We are trying to get established as new patients and the recording says, "your call is important to us. Please remain on the line and a representative will be with you shortly." Shortly? It has been 18 minutes now. I hung up and called them back and they said they don't know what's wrong and can't find out cause they aren't even in the same office as customer service. AAAAAHHHH!!!!!

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Marni said...

We have had the cough, cold, ear infections, and snot at our house too! It makes for a very long day with sick kids! I am so sorry! and switching doctors can be so frusterating! Hang in there! :)