Sunday, May 2, 2010


Zach had an eventful day a couple of weeks ago. He got home from school and started to play kickball in the front yard with his friend Hayden. They use a palm tree as one of the bases and as he ran passed and tagged it his hand got stick on these insane stickers along the sides of the leaves or fronds or whatever they are called. He tried to pull it out and it sliced his hand open. Off he went to the E.R. Six stitches and 6 hours later he and Willie were home. To top it off, this happened as I was pulling in the driveway with Maddie and her four friends who were coming for Maddie's sleepover. I couln't leave so I had to call Willie to come home and take the poor kid. He was very brave and Wes was an awesome first aid scout as he helped stop the bleeding and knew exactly what to do to make Zach more comfortable.
Zach had to miss his first soccer game which made him very sad. I was not gonna let him play with stitches. They are off now and his hand looks great!
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Jennifer said...

Ow! Poor Zach. Bet you were glad to have a scout in the house. I would have been swooning I think. That is a lot of stiches. I hope you have beaten the tree for inflicting bodily harm to your child.

sallie said...

Wow-it looks like it got the finger, too! Well, it will be a good scar for telling war stories later. Love you all!

RuSty and LaLa said...

Scars are cool Zach, just remember that.