Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Newest 12 Year Old

Our sweet Maddie is 12 years old. She had her very anticipated sleepover. First one ever! We make our kids wait until they are 12 to have a sleepover or go to someone's house for one. The girls had a fun movie night and giggled and giggled tons! Maddie didn't want a traditional birthday cake. She wanted doughnuts! We stacked them and put strawberries all over them. Instant treat. Ta-Da!! We are so proud of Maddie. She works hard at all she does and has many talents she is developing. She is an excellent sculptor. She draws beautifully and plays the french horn. She also is a wonderful student and gets very good grades. But her best talent is reading. The girl can read all night if we allow it. She procrastinates homework often because she is completely consummed in her books. We love her! She is very considerate of others and always has kind things to say about people. Maddie has had many babysitting jobs lately. The word is out! Maddie plays with the kids she watches and people really like that. She doesn't sit around watching t.v. She is actually out babysitting as we speak and making money for girls' camp. She is really looking forward to that this summer.
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RuSty and LaLa said...

I love Maddie too! Happy birthday!