Saturday, July 24, 2010

The narrows

Alas, we are very sad to report we did not take our camera with us as we hiked up the narrows.  The road through Zion Canyon takes you alongside the Virgin River as far north as it can, until the Virgin River is confined by up to 800-foot cliffs on either side of the river, which is only 20-feet wide in places.

This area is called the narrows, and it was singularly beautiful.

This is someone else's picture, but it shows the sorta thing we saw and hiked through.

The hike is mostly in the water.  There a small portions of the hike where you are able to hike along the banks of the river.  Mostly though, we hiked through knee-high water on slippery rocks.  It is slow-going, but really fun.  Some places were deeper, forcing us to wade through waist-high water.  And some of it was swift!  We swam some, jumped off rocks some, and most of all just enjoyed the beauty of the scenery and this wonderful masterpiece that nature carved out of stone.

For me, it was the best thing we did during our time in Zion National Park.

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