Monday, July 26, 2010

Part way up to Scout's Lookout

Here we are, still in the shade, and still smiling. Our destination looms in the background. The top of the prominent rock behind us is actually Angel's Landing, a climb too perilous for the likes of some in our group.

Here is a view looking back down at the valley bottom. As we climbed, the view improved. Pictures cannot do justice to how spectacular the views were from this trail.

As we went through the stretch of sunshine, every little spot of shade provide a welcome relief. We set goals to hike to the next shady spot, and then the next one . . .

and the next one, until we finally arrived at the part of the trail where we were sheltered by the massive mountain hovering over us.
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Jennifer said...

How fun that your family are all big kids now and you can go on great hikes. Maybe I should have a happier face at looking our "no more baby" future in the face. Zion's is on our must do list. It is just such a long drive to get there in the first place.