Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

What to do on a Sunday afternoon? We had already gone to church, at our old ward in Provo. Hardly recognized a soul! But it was still fun to go back there. Wesley and Maddie were both blessed in that building. And I did get one update on one of the 11-year-old scouts I used to lead: he was getting married in the Los Angeles Temple in three days! And who says miracles don't happen anymore?

We decided to go for a walk around downtown Provo. When I say we, I mean Andrea and I. You can see here how popular the plan was with the kids.

We walked to Center and University to see the Tabernacle and the courthouse.

The old architecture is beautiful and stately.

Zach climbed a tree and catnapped.
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Jennifer said...

I am very surprised you haven't found frogs in your bed as retribution for publishing that picture of your poor beautiful girls on Blogger for all the world to see!