Thursday, December 18, 2008

Maddie's Class Christmas Party

Maddie and Eileen have been the best of friends since kindergarten. They just love each other. Even with all the 5th grade drama, Maddie and her friends just stay out of it. Eileen is an awesome softball player(pitcher) and plays on traveling teams and is just a sweetie. Maddie happily minds her own business and doesn't get involved in all the girl gossip. She just takes her football to school every day and plays with the boys and a couple of other girls. Maddie says, "the boys just play and have fun. They don't argue and says mean things about each other like girls do. I just rather play football." That's my girl! She's awesome!
Maddie also really loves Kaitlyn. They met this year and we have become friends with their family. They are in another ward here in Sierra Vista and are such a great family. They are so fun and easygoing. Kaitlyn and her family are INSANE BYU fans. Kaitlyn has a t-shirt that says, "Friends don't let Friends go to the U of U." Isn't that funny? She and Maddie plan on being roommates at BYU. Keep up those grades and talents girls!
Last, but not least, is Mrs. Moore, Maddie's 5th grade teacher. Maddie adores her!! She wants to be just like her. Mrs. Moore is so fun, yet so challenging. She doesn't talk down to the kids and treats them like young adults. She has very high expectations and because of it, those kids meet and surpass her expectations. She is very into reptiles and other desert creatures. They have two snakes in their classroom permanently and other creepy crawlers. The kids love it! She is more than I could have ever asked for in a teacher. I hope we can find someone like her in CA for Maddie.
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