Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beware of Fine-toothed Combs

I got home from Enrichment night on Thursday and Carina had a bandanna tied around her head. She says, "Hi mom, don't touch my head." I did touch it and removed the bandana( kitchen towel) and found Carina's hair wrapped as tight as can be around a comb. She was trying to comb her hair after her bath and wound her hair all up instead. Willie had vegetable oil in it, hence, the bandana. I made many attempts with shampoo and conditioner and was only able to unwind some of it. So we cut it. I really din't want to cut her bangs because it took so long to grow them out, but I was able to unwind enough to manage to keep it long enough to tuck behind her ears. It turned out fine. I washed it and brushed it and put clips in it. So cute!
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Marni said...

Poor girl! I remember getting gum stuck in my hair... good bye long hair, hello bob!

Jennifer said...

That is seriously heart breaking. I am so sorry for her.

RuSty and LaLa said...