Thursday, March 19, 2009

Family Photos

These were our last professional family photos. I think it's time for a new one. Don't you agree? I can hardly believe my baby just turned six. I love these pictures!
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Marni said...

Isn't it funny that I remember them most when they were these ages in this picture! This is when we had just moved back to Mesa and your family would come and stay with us...5 years ago! We need to get together again soon!

Jennifer said...

I'm thinking the same thing wth our family photo situation. Our last photo was at Susanna's wedding. Kate was a year and 1/2 and Sara isn't even in the picture (literally).

Marcie said...

Hey there Wilcox family...Its me Marcie (Lori & Jim's daughter)...I found your blog and just wanted to say hi to you guys. I havent seen or talked to you guys in years. How is your family doing? You have a very beautiful family.Add me to your blog, its:

Take Care & Love,

Marcie Cendejas-Mangold