Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Santa Monica Beach

We finally took the kids to the beach. It was our first time since moving here. It's been too cold to go and today was no exception. But the kids swam anyway of course. Carina didn't enjoy the cold water as much as the other kids. Uncle David came along and spent the day with us. We were so glad he stayed a little longer so he could come see us. We also had Marshall with us. He is Wesley's new friend. He is in 8th grade and is in our ward. They have been having so much fun together. He is such an easygoing and good kid. We enjoy taking him along places with our family. I think this place is called Will Rogers state beach or something like that. We could see the amusement park on the pier, but we weren't right at that beach.

I got to go jogging on the beach while Willie and Dave watched the kids. I hadn't done that in over 15 years. Every time we go, I am with the kids, so I never take off by myself. That short time was so invigorating. There is something so amazing about the ocean. The smell, the breeze in your face, the grandeur. I love the beach!
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The Wolslagels said...

I'm so jealous that you got to go to the beach! How fun!! -Dawney