Sunday, September 5, 2010

Only for the Bravest!

We had decided we would only take the kids to the lookout. Willie really wanted to go to the top, to Angel's Landing, but I wasn't budging. When we got to the lookout, I looked at all the people continuing the ascent of the last half mile and my boys giving me puppy dog eyes and I thought, "it doesn't look too dangerous. So I decided to let them go. I later regretted it and prayed for them several times. When they got back an hour later, Zach said, "That was the best hike Ive ever been on in my life." He was so excited and proud of himself and so was Wes. We gave them the talk before the hike and told them, "No funny business, this is a hike to take seriously. Follow directions, stay on the trail, etc." The tree boys loved it. As far as the girls go, well, we decided to stay behind and take a break and enjoy all the chipmunks and the panorama.

Willie said it was pretty amazing up there! What a view! Now it's time to head back. Hot!!!
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