Sunday, September 5, 2010

Carpenteria Beach

For me, this was my favorite day of this whole summer. We visited the Lanes overnight at the beach house they rented. We woke up and went to the beach at 8 ish for low tide. It was so foggy and cool and misty when we got there. It felt wonderful! We walked to the tide pools and found tons of crabs and other sea life. The kids found so many interesting shellfish, rocks, and sticks, all sorts of things they wanted to bring home. Aunt Liz brought a picnic basket and we filled it to the brim. Is that legal? Oh well, it was amazing! Magical! The wind, the smell, the fog, the beauty of the ocean and all Heavenly Father has to offer for our enjoyment. I always feel of his hand in the creation when I am at the beach.
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