Sunday, September 5, 2010

First day of School

Carina the 2nd grader, Zachary the big 5th grader, and Maddie the 7th grader. I forgot to take Wesley's picture. I know, it's terrible. I got so caught up in this whole high school business and getting him there super early, that I forgot to snap a photo. I'll get a picture of him next week. He's got his first water polo match.
We've been in school three weeks now and things are going well. Everyone likes their teachers. The kids are all making new friends. Maddie has started up with the french horn again and seminary is in session. We are super busy and everyone is happy. Mom gets to do laundry and go on errands and dad is at work making it all possible.
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Jennifer said...

Katie has that dress too Carina! I love it! And you both look so grown up and good looking!