Sunday, September 5, 2010

Furniture everywhere I go

The kids joke that I have eagle eyes for furniture on the side of the road. But can you explain this one? I found this at Carpenteria Beach last month. It looks like it could be the cover of an album. Don't you think? I have found some pretty cool things since moving to California.
Just in case you're wondering, I didn't bring it home.
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shelly said...

That is too funny! Only you would find this:)

Lala said...

You have been a busy little blogger lately! Your family had some fun adventures this summer. I wish we could have been there for some of them. I think its hillarious that I see more pictures of liz's family on your blog then from hers. Robin is a chunk and her hair is getting blond! Every time I hear you talk about the beach, It makes me want you to visit even more! You will die here! Miss you guys

Valerie Erickson said...

Dang--it looked like a nice piece!